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Liquid Fueled Rocket Motor
Athena Space Vehicles is a subsidiary of the  intensive research and design studio with special focus of stepping outside traditional boundary lines for the express purpose of rapid technological development. 

Athena Space is different because we do not perform in the manner which one normally would expect. We are different. This difference is our defining marker when compared to companies who only operate in the same manner and method as all of their competition -and- those companies who are closed to change both internal and external.

Industrial Myopia is the death nail your company cannot afford. 

Why do what everyone else is doing?





Bring your company and its products into the twenty second century now.

Are your employees up-to-date with current space vehicle and space exploration hardware, basic aerospace practices, and methodologies?

Formal and/or informal business auditing for your peace of mind.

Chief Scientist and Master Aerospace Designer Mr. Jonathan R. Walters has been an integral part of global aerospace for more than three decades.

Couple this exceptional experience with his projects in many other industrial segments and Athena Space Vehicles will deliver to you answers to your perplexing problems. And in addition will provide answers to problems you may not know exist.

Stop performing in the same manner and method as all of the other space exploration companies. Do it better and get out of the 1950's for good.
Athena Space is underpinned by's Chief Scientist, Master Aerospace Designer and Subject Matter Expert Mr. Jonathan R. Walters.

Mr. Walters has direct and intricate knowledge of more than 250 civilian and high grade military aerospace vehicles in their totality. 

Athena Space Vehicles will bring to your employees a new way of thinking and problem solving.

​Your company needs the most highly trained and informed employees mankind can offer. To accept less is to fail.
Athena Space is the result of's Chief Scientist's three decades of in-depth and formal training, experience and actual performance with both high military and civilian business management.

Athena Space Vehicles has the ability to find even the most small and overlooked detail which impacts your business model.  Mr. Walters will shake the tree in ways other auditors never thought of. 

Why is that?

Because we do things differently. We think about it......