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All About Us

Athena Space Vehicles is the product of intensive research and design on the part of's Chief Scientist Mr. Jonathan R. Walters.

Mr. Walters resume is long and practical. With more than three decades of combined civilian and high military vehicle, aircraft, power generation, and heavy equipment design you can be assured you are receiving top-notch and personal help with your company in any capacity.

Not long ago Mr. Walters completed an intensive and thoroughly in-depth audit of a company and several periphery concerns.

This audit lasted for nearly three months and was all-encompassing. Mr. Walters was given access to the most intricate details of several projects currently in-work.

This audit revealed numerous deficiencies with improper methodologies employed and abhorrent overall practices which are carry-overs from a long gone era of engineering which have no place in this day and age.

The short answer to this audit was an "Industrial Myopia" of pervasive strength identified.

Industrial Myopia is the cancer which infects and inflicts even the most storied Titans of Industry. What Mr. Walters uncovered was and remains to this day the most prolific lack of eptitude and capability which borders on the insane level of intelligent rational thought.  The crux is that the methods and manner this business model was employing was simply.....
"how everybody else does it".....

Athena Space Vehicles will "right" your ship.